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Dave Marsh. 

The heart of rock and soul

POSTSCRIPT (october 1998)

To tell the truth, there are at least 101 records that 

would have  a strong chance of joining or

supplanting the current entries.


Because we all like lists, and I couldn't stop myself,

here's what they are (in my eyes, today, contingent 

on listening to each of them for the rest of my life).


Their order is no mystery; it's alphabetical


Nr Artiest Titel song Titel cd (jaar) O
1 Aaliyah At your best Age ain't nothing but a number (1994)  
2 Arrested development Tennessee 3 years, 2 months & 2 days in the ... (1992) o
3 Babyface This is for the lover in you The day (1996) o
4 Bell Biv Devoe Poison Poison (1990)  
5 Blackstreet No diggity Another level (1996) o
6 Mary J. Blige Not gon' cry Share my world (1997) o
7 BoDeans Closer to free Go down slow (1993)  
8 Boyz II Men I'll make love to you Boyz II Men II (1994) o
9 Brandy I wanna be down Brandy (1995)  
10 Deana Carter Strawberry wine Did I shave my legs for this? (1995)  
11 Tracy Chapman Give me one reason New beginning (1995) o
12 Neneh Cherry Buffalo stance Raw like sushi (1989) o
13 Eric Clapton Tears in heaven Chronicles : best of 1981-1999 (1999) o
14 Color me badd I wanna sex you up CMB (1991) o
15 Coolio Gangsta's paradise Gangsta's paradise (1995) o
16 Counting crows Mr. Jones August and everything after (1993) o
17 Sheryl Crow All I wanna do Tuesday night musical club (1993) o
18 Cypress hill How I could just kill a man Cypress hill (1991) o
19 P.M. Dawn Set adrift on memory bliss Of the heart of the soul and of the cross (1989)  
20 De la soul Me myself and I 3 feet high and rising (1989) o
21 Digital underground The humpty dance Sex packets (1990)  
22 Dr. Dre Dre day The chronic (1993) o
23 Dr. Dre Nuthin' but a 'G' thang The chronic (1993) o
24 Steve Earle Christmas in Washington El corazon (1997) o
25 En vogue Free your mind Funky divas (1992) o
26 En vogue My love (you're never gonna get it) Funky divas (1992) o
27 Enya Caribbean blue Shepherd moons (1991) o
28 EPMD Stay real    
29 Fine young cannibals She drives me crazy The raw & the cooked (1989) o
30 Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne Close my eyes forever Lita (1988)  
31 Fugees Killing me softly The score (1996) o
32 Geto boys Mind playing tricks on me We can't be stopped (1991)  
33 Vince Gill Go rest high on that mountain When love finds you (1994) o
34 Allen Ginsberg Ballad of the skeletons The lion for real (1990)  
35 Guns 'n' roses November rain Use your illusion I (1991) o
36 Don Henley Heart of the matter The end of the innocence (1989) o
37 Hole Doll parts Live through this (1994) o
38 House of pain Jump around House of pain (1992)  
39 Ice Cube It was a good day The predator (1992)  
40 Ice Cube Steady mobbin Death certificate (1991)  
41 Ice-T My homies    
42 Chris Isaak Wicked game Heart shaped world (1989) o
43 Cyndi Lauper I drove all night Twelve deadly cons and then some (1995) o
44 LL Cool J Mama said knock you out Mama said (1990) o
45 Madonna Justify my love The immaculate collection (1990) o
46 Natalie Merchant Carnival Tigerlily (1995) o
47 Metallica Enter Sandman Metallica 1991 (1991) o
48 Alanis Morissette You oughta know Jagged little pill (1995) o
49 Nas If I ruled the world It was written (1996) o
50 Naughty by nature O.P.P. Naughty by nature (1991)  
51 Nirvana Smells like teen spirit Nevermind (1991) o
52 Notorious B.I.G. Big Poppa Ready to die (1994) o
53 NWA Fuck tha police Straight outta Compton (1988) o
54 Sinéad O'Connor Nothing compares 2 U I do not want what I haven't got (1990) o
55 OMC How bizarre How bizarre (1997) o
56 Pearl jam Better man Vitatology (1994) o
57 Pearl jam Daughter Pearl jam (1995) o
58 Pearl jam Jeremy Ten (1991) o
59 Pearl jam Wish list Yield (1998) o
60 Pretenders I'll stand by you Last of the independents (1994) o
61 Prince Cream Diamonds and pearls (1991) o
62 Prince Money don't matter 2 night Diamonds and pearls (1991) o
63 Prince Sexy M.F. Love symbol (1992) o
64 Puff Daddy Missing you No way out (1997) o
65 R.E.M. Everybody hurts Automatic for the people (1992) o
66 R.E.M. Losing my religion Out of time (1991) o
67 R.E.M. Strange currencies Monster (1994) o
68 Rage against the machine The ghost of Tom Joad Renegades (2000) o
69 Bonnie Raitt I can't make you love me Luck of the draw (1991) o
70 Bonnie Raitt Nick of time Nick of time (1989) o
71 Rancid Time bomb And out come the wolves (1995) o
72 Replacements I'll be you Don't tell a soul (1989)  
73 LeAnn Rimes Blue Blue (1996)  
74 Roxette The look Room service (2001) o
75 Salt 'n' Pepa Shoop Very necessary (1993)  
76 Salt 'n' Pepa Whatta man Very necessary (1993)  
77 Seal Kiss from a Rose Seal (1994) o
78 Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby got back Mack daddy (1991)  
79 Sir Mix-A-Lot My hooptie Seminar (1989)  
80 Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggy Dogg world Doggystyle (1993) o
81 Snoop Doggy Dogg Gin and juice Doggystyle (1993) o
82 Snoop Doggy Dogg Murder was the case Doggystyle (1993) o
83 Social distortion I was wrong White light, white heat, white trash (1996)  
84 Soul asylum Promises broken Let your dim light shine (1995) o
85 Soul asylum Runaway train Grave dancers union (1992)  
86 Soundgarden Black hole sun Superunknown (1994) o
87 Bruce Springsteen Streets of Philadelphia # Diana : princess of Wales (1997) o
88 Sting All this time The soul cages (1991) o
89 Sting Fields of gold Ten summoner's tales (1993) o
90 Temple of the dog Hunger strike Temple of the dog (1990) o
91 3rd Bass Pop goes the weasel Derelicts of dialect (1991)  
92 Tony! Toni! Tone! Little Walter Who? (1988)  
93 Two Pac Dear mama Greatest hits (1998) o
94 Two Pac I ain't mad at cha All eyez on me (1996)  
95 Two Pac Keep ya head up Greatest hits (1998) o
96 Shania Twain Still the one Come on over (1998) o
97 2 Live crew Me so horny As nasty as they wanne be (1989)  
98 U2 One Achtung baby (1991) o
99 Wallflowers 6th Avenue heartache Bringing down the horse (1996)  
100 Warren G and Nate Dogg Regulate Regulate ... G-funk era (1994) o
101 Was (not Was) Walk the dinosaur Hello dad I'm in jail (1999) o
102 Wu-tang clan Method man Enter the Wu-tang/36 chambers (1993) o