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Mojo Editie 27 uit 1996

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# Athletico Dave Rimmer
Blue in the face Ben Edmonds
Country : Nashvilel/Dallas/Hollywood 1927-... Tony Russell
European Dave Rimmer
Freezone 2 : variations on a chill Dave Rimmer
#trib Not fade away (remembering Buddy Holly) John Lomax
# Ocean of sound Jon Savage
Tapestry revisited : a tribute to Carole K... Ben Edmonds
The Cadence story Ray Lowry
The prewar gospel story 1902-1944 John Crosby
The sound spectrum Martin Aston
The young foggies : volume 2 Tony Russell
Western swing : Texas 1928-1944 Tony Russell
Afro blue band Impressions Richard Cook
Alec Empire Low on ice (the Iceland sessions) Mike Barnes
Baby Bird Fatherhood Andy Gill
Belmonts The Laurie, Sabina and United artists side... Ray Lowry
Bible Eureka Nick Hornby
Random acts of kindness Nick Hornby
Walking the ghost back home Nick Hornby
Frank Black The cult of Ray Richard Newson
Peter Blegvad Just woke up Ken Hunt
Greg Brown The live one Ben Edmonds
Brute (with Vic Chesnutt) Nine high a pallet Ben Edmonds
BT Ima Dave Rimmer
Eric Burdon Misunderstood Chris Marlowe
Caravan The battle of Hastings John Bungey
Carter family When the roses bloom in Dixieland : the c... Tony Russell
Worried man blues : their complete Victor ... Tony Russell
Joe Cocker The long voyage home Andy Gill
Congos Heart of the Congos Nick Coleman
Count bishops The best of Ray Lowry
Country Joe and the Fish Electric music for the mind and body Mark Cooper
I-feel-like-I'm-fixin'-to-die Mark Cooper
Together Mark Cooper
Bobby Darin As long as I'm singing : the Bobby Darin c... Dawn Eden
Jesse Dayton Raisin' Cain John Lomax
Devas Embodied Andy Gill
Willy DeVille Loup garou Rob Steen
Dream theater A change of seasons John Bungey
Ronnie Drew Dirty rotten shame Tony Clayton-Lea
Eliane Elias Solos and duets Richard Cook
Duke Ellington The complete Capitol recordings Ben Edmonds
Emerson, Lake & Palmer The best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer John Bungey
Gene To see the lights Martin Aston
Bruce Gilbert Ab ovo Mike Barnes
Golden smog Down by the old mainstream Martin Aston
Happy mondays Loads … and loads more Victoria Sandler
Hearts & flowers Of horses, kids and forgotten women Jim Irvin
Hearts and flowers Now is the time for Hearts and flowers Jim Irvin
Boo Hewerdine Baptist hospital Nick Hornby
Boo Hewerdine & Darden Smith Evidence Kevan Johnson
Boo Hewerdine Ignorance Nick Hornby
Keeler Trapped in the hi-fi zone : sonic construc... Mike Barnes
Kentucky colonels Long journey home Tony Russell
Steve Kuhn Seasons of romance Richard Cook
Andy Laster's Hydra Polyogue Richard Cook
Jim Lauderdale Every second counts Ben Edmonds
Lives and times There and back again Alan Clayson
Aksak Maboul Un peu de l'âme des bandits Mike Barnes
Marionettes Rise Andy Gill
Milkshakes Talkin' bout ... the knights of trashe Paul Gorman
Willie Nelson Revolutions of time : the journey 1975-199... Barney Hoskyns
New lost city ramblers New lost city ramblers & friends Tony Russell
No man Heaven taste flowermix Martin Aston
Ozric tentacles Become the other John Bungey
Patto Sense of the absurd Jim Irvin
People like us Beware the whim reaper Mike Barnes
Anthony Phillips Anthology John Bungey
Porcupine tree Staircase infinities John Bungey
Ramshackle Dephthology Andy Gill
Rationals Temptation 'bout to get me Chris Marlowe
Red red meat Bunny gets paid Andy Gill 3.5
Rentals Return of the Rentals Andy Gill
Rocket from the crypt Scream, Dracula, scream! Andy Gill
Rockin' ramrods The best of Ray Lowry
Chan Romero Hippy hippy shake Ray Lowry
Paul Siebel Paul Siebel Sid Griffin
Siren & Kevin Coyne Lets do it Rychard Carringto...
Sonic fractal U.NT Mike Barnes
Stanley brothers Clinch mountain bluegrass Tony Russell
Sunny day real estate Sunny day real estate Andy Gill
Tangerine dream Book of dreams Martin Longley
McCoy Tyner Prelude and sonata Richard Cook
Ventures Knock me out! Ray Lowry
Walk don't run : vol. 2 Ray Lowry
Doc Watson Southbound Tony Russell
The Doc Watson family tradition Tony Russell
Treasures untold Tony Russell
Brooks Williams Knife edge Tony Clayton-Lea
Victoria Williams This moment in Toronto with Victoria Willi... Sylvie Simmons
Yardbirds Good morning little schoolgirl Chris Marlowe


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