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Mojo Editie 341 uit 2022

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# 1979 : revolt into style - 76 year-definin... John Aizlewood 3
Lux and Ivy say flip your top Simon McEwen 3
Mainstream funk Lois Wilson 4
Money in my pocket Keith Cameron 4
#trib Ocean child : songs of Yoko Ono Victoria Segal 4
Someone/Anyone? Mark Blake 3
# Swedish pop & beat 1963-1969 Kieron Tyler 3
#trib The studio wizardry of Todd Rundgren Lois Wilson 3
# Un-scene! : post punk Birmingham 1978-1982 Danny Eccleston 3
Federico Albanese Before and now seems infinite Andy Cowan 4
Dennis Alcapone & Lizzy Soul to soul DJ's choice Simon McEwen 4
Ash ra tempel Ash ra tempel Andrew Male
Ash ra tempel & Manuel Gottsch... Inventions for electric guitar Andrew Male
Ash ra tempel Join inn Andrew Male
Le Berceau de Cristal Andrew Male
Schwingungen Andrew Male
Ashra New age of Earth Andrew Male
Babeheaven Sink into me Stevie Chick 4
Andy Bell Flicker Lois Wilson 4
Binker and Moses Feeding the machine Andy Cowan 5
Boo radleys Keep on with falling James Mcnair 3
Tim Bowness & Giancarlo Erra Memories of machines John Bungey 3
Alan Braufman Live in New York city february 8, 1975 Charles Waring 4
Cactus blossoms One day Sylvie Simmons 3
Alex Cameron Oxy music John Aizlewood 4
Caroline Caroline James Mcnair 3
Ceramic animal Sweet unknown Andy Cowan 4
Cmat If my wife knew I'd be dead Andy Fyfe 4
Avishai Cohen Naked truth Andy Cowan 4
Ornette Coleman Box sets Andrew Male
Judy Collins Spellbound Colin Irwin 3
Complex Live for the minute : the Complex antholog... Martin Aston 3
Coral The Coral Ian Harrison 4
Cosmic jokers The Cosmic jokers Andrew Male
Cypress hill Back in black Stevie Chick 3
Karen Dalton In my own time Michael Simmons 5
Deserta Every moment, everything you need Martin Aston 4
Destroyer Labyrinthitis Victoria Segal 4
Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowi... Desert equations : Azac attra Simon McEwen 4
Johnny Dowd Homemade pie Sylvie Simmons 4
Duncan marquiss Wires turned sideways in times John Bungey 4
Wolfgang Flür Magazine I David Buckley 4
Keeley Forsyth Limbs Victoria Segal 4
Franz Ferdinand Hits to the head John Aizlewood 4
Gang of youths Angel in realtime James Mcnair 2
Robert Glasper Black radio III Andy Cowan 3
Gonora sounds Hard times never kill David Hutcheon 4
Goodbye Mr Mackenzie The glory hole Lucy O'Brien 3
Manuel Göttsching E2-E4 Andrew Male
Briony Greenhill Crossing the ocean Glyn Brown 3
Guided by voices Crystal nuns cathedral Andrew Perry 4
Robert Haigh Human remains Grayson Haver Cur... 4
Matthew Halsall Salute tot the Sun : live at Hallé St. Pe... James Mcnair 3
Aldous Harding Warm Chris Tom Doyle 4
Harley Kimbro Lewis Harley Kimbro Lewis Sylvie Simmons 3
Hawkwind Dreamworkers of time : the BBC recordings ... Ian Harrison 3
Ram John Holder Black London blues Ian Harrison
Son House Forever on my mind David Fricke 4
Loney Hutchins Appalachia Andy Fyfe 3
Jenny Hval Classic objects Kieron Tyler 4
Lia Ices Family album John Aizlewood 4
Park Jiha The gleam Andy Cowan 4
Davey Johnstone band Deeper than my roots John Aizlewood 3
King Hannah I'm not sorry, I was just being me Victoria Segal 4
Jokia Koné & Jacknife Lee Bamanan David Hutcheon 4
Lady Wray Piece of me Lois Wilson 4
Lazy eyes Songbook Kieron Tyler 4
Lemonheads It's a shame about Ray Keith Cameron 4
Kristine Leschper The opening, or Closing of a door Martin Aston 4
Lo moon A modern life John Aizlewood 3
Loop Sonancy Andrew Perry 4
Lost dog street band Glory Sylvie Simmons 4
Johnny Marr Fever dreams : pts 1-4 Pat Gilbert 4
Mattiel Georgia gothic Stevie Chick 3
John Mayall The sun is shining down John Bungey 3
Carson McHone Still life Andy Fyfe 4
Cécile McLorin Salvant Ghost song Andy Cowan 4
Melt yourself down Pray for me I don't fit in Stevie Chick 4
Metronomy Small world Priya Elan 3
Midlake For the sake of Bethel woods Sylvie Simmons 4
Tyler Mitchell Dancing shadows James Mcnair 4
Monochrome set Allhalowtide Kieron Tyler 3
Moon panda What on Earth James Mcnair 3
Thurston Moore Screen time Martin Aston 3
Sam Moss Blues approved Kieron Tyler 3
Mysterines Reeling Celina Lloyd 4
Nas Magic James Mcnair 3
Herbie Nichols The propetic Herbie Nichols : vols. 1 & 2 Charles Waring 4
Noon garden Beulah spa Andy Cowan 3
Jon Opstad Extensions Andy Cowan 3
Jeff Parker The relatives James Mcnair 4
Pictish trail Island family John Aizlewood 4
Pink floyd P.U.L.S.E. Mark Blake 3
A Place to bury strangers See through you Andrew Perry 4
Éliane Radigue & Fréderic Bl... Occam XXV James Mcnair 4
Tapani Rinne & Juha Mäki-Pato... Open Andy Cowan 4
Joel Ross The parable of the poet Andy Cowan 4
Michael Rother & Vittoria Macc... As long as the light Andrew Perry 3
Klaus Schulze Blackdance Andrew Male
Irrlicht Andrew Male
Ty Segall Whirlybird James Mcnair 3
Sammi Smith Looks like stormy weather 1969-1975 Lois Wilson 4
Smudges Song and call Andy Cowan 4
Spirit Twelve dreams of dr. Sardonicus Michael Simmons 5
Robert Stillman What does it mean to be American? Andrew Male 4
Suicide Surrender John Bungey 4
Superchunk Wild loneliness James Mcnair 4
Swamp Dogg I need a job … so I can buy more Auto-tu... Andy Fyfe 3
Tame impala The slow rush John Bungey 3
James Taylor quartet Baker's walk Lois Wilson 4
Cecil Taylor The complete, legendary, live return conce... Michael Simmons 4
Sean Taylor The beat goes on Sylvie Simmons 4
Tears for fears The tipping point John Aizlewood 4
Irma Thomas Full time woman : the lost Cotillion album Jim Irvin
Lennie Tristano Personal recordings 1946-1970 Charles Waring 4
Trupa Trupa B flat A Ben Thompson 4
Unclaimed Primordial ooze flavored Lois Wilson 3
Townes Van Zandt Our mother the mountain Stuart A. Staples
Eddie Vedder Earthling Stevie Chick 4
Weather station How is it that I should look at the stars Victoria Segal 4
Widowspeak The jacket James Mcnair 4


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