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Heaven Editie 5 uit 2005

Artiest^ Album^ Recensent^ W^ Verm^

# A cellarful of Motown! : volume 2 Eric van Domburg ... 4
Cheatin' soul : and the Southern dream of ... Paul van der Lecq 4
Classic Southern gospel Recensent onbeken... 3
Eccentric soul : the Bandit label Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
Eccentric soul : the Capsoul label Pieter Wijnsteker... 4
#trib Folkways : the original vison Pieter Wijnsteker... 4
# Hey everybody ... I gotta dance Eddie Aarts 3.5
Italian café (Putumayo) Recensent onbeken... 2.5
Moog : a documentary film by Hans Fjellest... Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Motown remixed Eddie Aarts 3.5
North African groove Willem Hurkmans 3
Toda Cuba Recensent onbeken... 4
Trojan dub massive : chapter one Eddie Aarts 3
Trojan dub massive : chapter two Eddie Aarts 3
Yellow pills : prefill Recensent onbeken... 4
Afternoons Rocket summer Recensent onbeken... 4
Monica Akihari Lagu lagu Henning Bolte 3.5
Altan Local ground Holly Moors 3
Amplifier S/T Wim Boluijt 3.5
Arild Andersen Electra Henning Bolte 4
Andreu i els Rumberus Font nova 15 Recensent onbeken... 3
Anthony B Black star Eddie Aarts 3.5
Art brut Bang bang rock 'n' roll Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Ashby Looks like you've already won Recensent onbeken... 2
Average white band and Ben E. ... Benny and us Ruud Heijjer 2.5
Average white band Feel no fret Ruud Heijjer 2
Shine Recensent onbeken... 2
Warmer communications Recensent onbeken... 2.5
Amadou Balaké Taximen Willem Hurkmans 2.5
Marcia Ball Down the road : live! Ruud Heijjer 3.5
Rim Banna The mirrors of my soul Henning Bolte 3.5
Bantu featuring Ayuba Fuji satisfaction Willem Hurkmans 3
Beady belle Closer Jo Didderen 3.5
Bebo & Cigala Lagrimas negras Recensent onbeken... 4
Belle and Sebastian Push barman to open old wounds Eric van Domburg ... 4
Luciano Biondino & Javier Giro... Terra madre Henning Bolte 3.5
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Howl Reinier Vermeer 3.5
Black twigs Midnight has come and gone Recensent onbeken... 3
Frank Black Honeycomb Eric van Domburg ... 3
Jeff Black Tin Lily Recensent onbeken... 3
Theo Bleckmann Anteroom Henning Bolte 5
Jim Boggia Safe in sound Recensent onbeken... 3.5
Bonga Maiorais Mildred Theunisz
Sarah Borges Silver city Kees van Wee 3.5
Izaline Calister Krioyo Peter Bartlema
Mariposa Peter Bartlema
Sono di un muhé Peter Bartlema
Laura Cantrell Humming by the flowered vine Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
Cardinal Cardinal Eric van Domburg ... 4
Adam Carroll Adam Carroll Pieter Wijnsteker... 3
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell Begonias Frans Lomans 4
Nick Castro and the Poison thr... Further from grace Frits Barth 3.5
Chicago blues harmonica projec... Diamonds in the rough Ruud Heijjer 3
Diane Cluck Oh vanille/Ova nil Eric van Domburg ... 4
CocoRosie Noah's ark Henning Bolte 3.5
Coldplay A rush of blood to the head Flip van der Ende...
Parachutes Flip van der Ende...
X&Y Flip van der Ende...
X&Y Saskia Oomkes 3.5
Compay Segundo Hasta siempre Compay Recensent onbeken... 3.5
Ry Cooder Chávez Ravine Eric van Domburg ... 4.5
Billy Corgan The future embrace Wim Boluijt 3
Elvis Costello King of America Eric van Domburg ... 5
Robert Cray band Twenty Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
Creedence clearwater revival Bayou country Paul Stramrood 3.5
Cosmo's factory Paul Stramrood 4
Creedence clearwater revival Paul Stramrood 3
Green river Paul Stramrood 3.5
Mardi gras Paul Stramrood 1
Pendulum Paul Stramrood 3
Willy and the poor boys Paul Stramrood 3.5
Miles Davis 'Round about midnight Peter Schong
'Round about midnight Recensent onbeken... 4
Decemberists Picaresque Eric van Domburg ...
Bianca Deleon The long slow decline of Carmelita Harmen van Aurich 4
Luis Delgado Tanger Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
Departure Dirty words Wim Boluijt 3.5
Dirtbombs If you don't already have a look Eric van Domburg ... 4
Dobrojean & band Extended Ruud Heijjer 3.5
Lee Dorsey Holy cow : the very best of Recensent onbeken... 5
Jorge Drexler Eco Recensent onbeken... 3
Duke special Adventures in grammaphone Jo Didderen 3
Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
The times they are a-changin' Pieter Wijnsteker... 4.5
Edan Beauty and the beat Eric van Domburg ... 4
Editors The back room Recensent onbeken... 2.5
Electric Light Orchestra All over the world : the very best of Recensent onbeken... 4
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Beyond the beginning (dvd) Eric van Domburg ... 4
Brian Eno Another day on Earth Willem Hurkmans 4
Espers Espers Recensent onbeken... 3
John Fahey On air Frits Barth 3
Ibrahim Ferrer Ay, candela, escondida Recensent onbeken... 4
Fiamma fumana Home Mildred Theunisz 4
John Fogerty Blue moon swamp Paul Stramrood 4
Centerfield Paul Stramrood 3.5
Deja vu all over again Paul Stramrood 3.5
Eye of the zombie Paul Stramrood 3.5
John Fogerty Paul Stramrood 3
Premonition Paul Stramrood 3.5
The Blue ridge rangers Paul Stramrood 4
Stewart Francke Motor city serenade Paul van der Lecq 3.5
Futureheads The Futureheads Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Chad van Gaalen Infiniheart Frits Barth 3.5
Rory Gallagher Big guns : the very best of Rory Gallagher Perry Oostrum 3.5
Eliza Gilkyson Paradise hotel Holly Moors 4
Jen Gloeckner Miles away Recensent onbeken... 3
Avid Grahame Dt and the disagreeables Recensent onbeken... 4
Tracy Grammar Flower of Avalon Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
David Gray Life in slow motion Frits Barth 3
Patty Griffin Impossible dream Bert van Kessel
Halfway Farewell to the fainthearted Harmen van Aurich 3.5
Harmony two tones The Harmony two tones Frans Lomans 4
Harper Down to the rhythm Ruud Heijjer 3
Roy Harper Counter culture Eric van Domburg ... 5
Hejira Hajira Eric van Domburg ... 4
Herbaliser Take London Eric van Domburg ... 4
John Hiatt Bring the family Geert Henderickx
Crossing muddy waters Geert Henderickx
Slow turning Geert Henderickx
Slug line Geert Henderickx
Walk on Geert Henderickx
Dan Hicks and his Hot licks Selected shorts Eric van Domburg ... 4
Gary Higgins Red hash Eric van Domburg ... 3
Chris Hillman The other side Paul van der Lecq 3.5
Hollywood blue flames Soul sanctuary Ruud Heijjer 3
Ashley Hutchings Burning bright Recensent onbeken... 2.5
P. Hux Homemade spaceship Recensent onbeken... 3.5
In crowd His majesty is coming Eddie Aarts 3
Tony Iommi Fused Wim Boluijt 4
Jesus Volt Electro button funky coxxx Ruud Heijjer 3
Jim and Jennie and the Pinetop... Rivers roll on by Frans Lomans 3
Michael de Jong Echo from the mountain Wim Boluijt 4
Janis Joplin Pearl Harmen van Aurich 5
Seu Jorge Cru Eric van Domburg ... 4
Mitch Kashmar Nickles & dimes Ruud Heijjer 3.5
Mamady Keita & Sewa Kan Live@Couleur cafe Willem Hurkmans 4
Harrison Kennedy Voice + story Harmen van Aurich 3.5
Little Freddie King You don't know what I know Recensent onbeken... 3
Al Kooper Black coffee Eric van Domburg ... 3
Kosmos Tarinotta voimasta Pieter Wijnsteker... 3
Michalis Koumbios Syrna Recensent onbeken... 3
Daniel Lanois Belladonna Dietmar Terpstra
Last train home Bound away Frits Barth 3.5
Lyn Leon Glass lounge Anneke Ruys
Henrik Levy A letter from a city man Recensent onbeken... 3
Lilly brothers & Don Stover The Lilly brothers & Don Stover Recensent onbeken... 3
Rob van der Linden Het logboek van Brandaan (= een boek, rela... Rob Risseeuw
Little Charlie and the Nightca... Nine lives Ruud Heijjer 3.5
Little feat Barnstormin' live : volume 1 Ruud Heijjer 3.5
Lohues & the Louisiana blues c... Grip Geert Henderickx
Ja boeh Geert Henderickx
Lotz of music Pendant la nuit Henning Bolte 3
Low Low in Europe (dvd) Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Lumbalú Mil colores Recensent onbeken... 3.5
Shelby Lynne Suit yourself Pieter Wijnsteker... 4
Madness The Dangermen sessions : volume one Recensent onbeken... 2
Madrugada The deep end Saskia Oomkes 4
Magic numbers The Magic numbers Pieter Wijnsteker... 3
Mannish boys That represent man Ruud Heijjer 3
Syd Matters Someday we foresee obstacles Kees van Wee 3.5
Maxïmo park A certain trigger Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
John Mayall Road dogs Ruud Heijjer 3
John McLaughlin Devotion Perry Oostrum 4
Shannon McNally Geronimo Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
Marcelo Mercedante Con un taladro en el corazon Willem Hurkmans 3
Meters The very best of the Meters Ruud Heijjer
Malcolm Middleton Into the woods Marcel van Driel 3.5
Lynn Miles Love sweet love Louis Nouws 3.5
Anaïs Mitchell Hymns for the exiled Pieter Wijnsteker... 4
Monica Queen Return of the sacred heart Recensent onbeken... 2.5
Monza Grand Bram van Schaik
Van God los Bram van Schaik
Alanis Morissette Jagged little pill acoustic Saskia Oomkes 1
Bob Mould Body of song Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Róisín Murphy Ruby blue Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Nada surf The weight is a gift Miranda Apeldoorn 3.5
Marissa Nadler The saga of Mayflower may Frits Barth 3
Neville brothers Treacherous : a history of the Neville bro... Ruud Heijjer
Walkin' in the shadow of life Ruud Heijjer
Yellow moon Ruud Heijjer
New model army Impurity Eddie Aarts 3.5
No rest for the wicked Eddie Aarts 3
The ghost of Cain Eddie Aarts 3
Thunder and consolation Eddie Aarts 4
Harris Newman Accidents with nature and each other Frits Barth 2
Nickel creek Why should the fire die? Pieter Wijnsteker... 4
Harry Niehof Altied onderwegens Holly Moors 4
Noordkaap Een heel klein beetje oorlog ... Bram van Schaik
Gigant Bram van Schaik
Nuff said Nuff said Wim Boluijt 4
Oasis Don't believe the truth Recensent onbeken... 2
Okkervil river Black sheep boy Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Frank Ongalok & Fleur Tolman Hunger Recensent onbeken... 3
Orlando Songs before sunrise Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
Pajo Pajo Wim Boluijt 2.5
Jarabe de Palo Un metro cuadrado Eddie Aarts 3.5
Irene Pappas Sings Mikis Theodorakis Recensent onbeken... 3.5
Graham Parker Songs of no consequence Paul van der Lecq 3
Ian Parker Whilst the wind : live Ruud Heijjer 3.5
Pernice brothers Discover a lovelier you Recensent onbeken... 3.5
Piano magic Disaffected Eric van Domburg ... 4
Carla Pires Ilha do meu fado Philip Nijman 3
Plena libre Estamos gozando! Mildred Theunisz 4
Ana Popovic Ana! : live in Amsterdam Ruud Heijjer 3
Posies Every kind of light Dietmar Terpstra
Maddy Prior Collections Recensent onbeken... 3
Bobby Purify Better to have it Pieter Wijnsteker... 2
Joel Rafael band Woodyboye : songs of Woody Guthrie (and ta... Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
Ranking Joe World in trouble Eddie Aarts 3
Residents Animal lover Eric van Domburg ... 4
Richmond Fontaine The Fitzgerald Pieter Wijnsteker... 4.5
Michael Rose African roots Eddie Aarts 4
JW Roy Laagstraat 443 Eric van Domburg ... 4
Rum 1972-1978 Frits Barth 4
Doug Sahm Groover's paradise Pieter Wijnsteker... 4
Saint Etienne Tales from Turnpike house Recensent onbeken... 3
Charlie Schmidt Xanthe terra Frits Barth 3
Beverly Jo Scott Cut & run live Ruud Heijjer 3
Ron Sexsmith & Don Kerr Destination unknown Holly Moors 2
Michelle Shocked Threesome Holly Moors 3
Shout out louds Howl howl gaff gaff Recensent onbeken... 3.5
Ska Cubano Ay caramba! Eddie Aarts 3
Sleater-Kinney The woods Recensent onbeken... 3
Epic Soundtracks Everything is temporary Recensent onbeken... 3.5
Good things Recensent onbeken... 3.5
Sparrow The early years Recensent onbeken... 3
Ringo Starr Choose love Recensent onbeken... 3
Stars Set yourself on fire Wim Boluijt 4
Eric Steckel band High action Ruud Heijjer 2
Gert Jan Sterk The Brendan notes Rob Risseeuw 3.5
Sufjan Stevens Illinoise Wim Boluijt 4.5
Al Stewart A beach full of shells Pieter Wijnsteker... 3.5
Stephen Stills Man alive! Frits Barth 3.5
Straw dogs Tell the rising sun Harmen van Aurich 3
Summer at Shatter creek All the answers Frits Barth 3.5
Summer of Mars Glaciers Wim Boluijt 3.5
Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodrigu... Red dog tracks Paul van der Lecq 3.5
Team sleep Team sleep Wim Boluijt 3.5
Tears Here come the Tears Recensent onbeken... 2
Thee more shallows More deep cuts Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Yann Tiersen Les retrouvailles Saskia Oomkes 4
Emmett Tinley Attic faith Reinier Vermeer 3
Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Dia... In the heart of the moon Willem Hurkmans 4.5
Turbulence I believe Eddie Aarts 3
UB 40 Who you fighting for? Eddie Aarts
Roland Van Campenhout The great atomic power Kees van Wee 2.5
Clemens Vandeven Live in Austria Ruud Heijjer 3
Vanilla fudge Vanilla fudge Paul Stramrood
Rufus Wainwright All I want (dvd) Pieter Wijnsteker... 4
Doug Wamble Bluestate Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
Jeff Wayne War of the worlds Recensent onbeken... 2
Jimmy Webb Twilight of the renegades Eric van Domburg ... 3.5
TK Webb Social registry Recensent onbeken... 3
Coles Whalen Gee baby Jo Didderen 3
Chris Whitley Soft dangerous shores Pieter Wijnsteker... 4
Wilco I am trying to break your heart (dvd) Eric van Domburg ... 4.5
Brian Wilson Presents Smile (dvd) Paul van der Lecq 4
Danny George Wilson The famous mad mile Wim Boluijt 4
Gerard Wortel Draai maar door Holly Moors 2.5
Lizz Wright Dreaming wide awake Henning Bolte 4
Dwight Yoakam Blame the vain Frans Lomans 4
Dan Zanes Parades and panoramas Holly Moors 4.5


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