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Mojo Editie 64 uit 1999

Artiest^ Album^ Recensent^ W^ Verm^

# Prodigy presents the Dirtchamber sessions ... Matthew Collin
Dave Alvin Blackjack David Sylvie Simmons
Natacha Atlas Gedida David Hutcheon
James Brown I'm back Geoff Brown
Built to spill Keep it like a secret Johnny Black
Chicago The heart of Chicago : volume I Recensent onbeken...
The heart of Chicago : volume II Recensent onbeken...
Cha Cha Cohen Cha Cha Cohen Pat Gilbert
Cotton mather Kontiki Mick Dillingham
Creatures Anima animus Glyn Brown
Dawn of the Replicants Wrong town, wrong planet, three hours late James Mcnair
Mijk van Dijk Teamwork Matthew Collin
Steve Earle & the Del McCoury ... The mountain Sylvie Simmons
Everlast Whitey Ford sings the blues James Mcnair
Jason Falkner Can you still feel? Mick Dillingham
Foundations Baby now that I've found you Recensent onbeken...
Kirk Franklin The Nu nation project Fred Dellar
Furslide Adventure Martin Aston
Mark van Hoen Playing with time Rob Chapman
Wilko Johnson Going back home Joe Cushley
Jo Ann Kelly Key to the highway Recensent onbeken...
Kula Shaker Peasants, pigs & astronauts Pat Gilbert
Fela Ransome Kuti Shoki shoki David Hutcheon
Mary Jane Lamond Suas e! Colin Irwin
Lone justice This world is not my home James Mcnair
Manfred Mann Soul of Mann Recensent onbeken...
Attilio 'Art' Mineo Man in space with sounds Recensent onbeken...
Momus The little red songbook Dave DiMartino
Ennio Morricone A fistful of film music Rob Chapman 1
A pistol for Ringo (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Barbablu' (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Comandamenti per un gangster (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Dalle ardenne all' inferno (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Death rides a horse (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Eat it (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Escalation (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Faccia a faccia (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Film music (1966-1987) Rob Chapman 1
Giomata nera per l'ariete Rob Chapman 1
Gli occhi Freddi della Paura (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Grazie Zia (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
I malamondo (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Il Mostro (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Il prato (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Il prefetto di ferro (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Investigation of a suspect above suspicion... Rob Chapman 1
L'Eredfta forramonti (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
L'immoralità (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
L'Umanoide (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
La banda (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
La gabbia (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
La monaca di Monza (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
La tarantola dal ventre Nero (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
La trilogia del dollaro (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Le monachine (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Libera amore mio (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Love themes Rob Chapman 1
Macchie solari (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Mondo Morricone Rob Chapman 1
Nightmare castle (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Once upon a time in America (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Once upon a time in the West (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Professione Figlio (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Spaghetti western : the Morricone collecti... Rob Chapman 1
The mission (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
The red tent (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
The return of Ringo (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
The Sicilain clan (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Uccidate il vitello Grasso e Arrostitelo (... Rob Chapman 1
Una vita venduta (soundtrack) Rob Chapman 1
Van Morrison Back on top Paul Du Noyer
Mother Mallard´s Portable mas... 1970-1973 Recensent onbeken...
Mutton birds Rain steam & speed Johnny Black
Fred Neil The many sides of Fred Neil Recensent onbeken...
Randy Newman Guilty : 30 years of Randy Newman Chris Ingham
Billy Nichols Would you believe? Recensent onbeken...
Beth Orton Central reservation James Mcnair
Lee 'Scratch' Perry Lost treasures of the Ark Lloyd Bradley
Elvis Presley Sunrise Recensent onbeken...
Public Image Ltd Plastic box Mark Paytress
Queen A day at the races Recensent onbeken...
A night at the opera Recensent onbeken...
Jazz Recensent onbeken...
News of the world Recensent onbeken...
Queen Recensent onbeken...
Queen 2 Recensent onbeken...
Sheer heart attack Recensent onbeken...
The game Recensent onbeken...
Amy Rigby Middlescence Jim Irvin
Johnny Rivers Realization Recensent onbeken...
Rewind Recensent onbeken...
Anna Ryder Pockets on fire Kingsley Abbott
Carly Simon Nobody does it better Patrick Humphries
Snowpony The slow-motion world of Snowpony Glyn Brown
Squeeze Domino Geoff Brown
Talk talk London 1986 Martin Aston
3 Colours red Revolt James Mcnair
Trader horne Morning way Trevor Hodgett
Tom Varner The window up above : American songs 1770-... Richard Cook
Wilco Summerteeth Andy Gill
Kelly Willis What I deserve Charlotte Greig
XTC Apple Venus, volume 1 David Cavanagh


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