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Mojo Editie 98 uit 2002

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# A Christmas present from Motown Chris Ingham
Bluegrass bonanza Sylvie Simmons
Future world funk : the third dimension David Hutcheon
Head jazz Chris Ingham
Il canto di malavita : la musica della maf... David Hutcheon
Love, peace & poetry : British psychedelic... Andrew Carden
Love, peace & poetry : Japanese psychedeli... Andrew Carden
Psychedelic jazz and soul Chris Ingham
Rough treatment : the J.O.B. records story Tony Russell
Spirit of Africa David Hutcheon
Studio One roots Andrew Perry
AC/DC Stiff upper lip live (dvd) Keith Cameron
Tony Bennett Playin' with my friends : Bennett sings th... Phil Sutcliffe
David Blue David Blue John Harris
Singer-songwriter project John Harris
Boedekka Hapi nightmares Pat Gilbert
Butch Boswell Lo fi Sylvie Simmons
Jerry Butler The Philadelphia sessions Geoff Brown
Camera obscura Biggest bluest hi-fi James Mcnair
Ray Charles The definitive Ray Charles Charles Shaar Mur...
Cher Living proof Phil Sutcliffe
Don Cherry & Krzysztof Pendere... Actions Andrew Carden
Chris T-T The 253 Mike Barnes
Copper family Come write me down Roy Wilkinson
Cream Farewell concert (dvd) Jim Irvin
Cure Greatest hits (dvd) Jenny Bulley
Dion Sanctuary Steve Rippon
Suite for late summer Steve Rippon
DJ Shadow and Cut chemist Product placement Angus Batey
Lucky Dube Soul taker David Hutcheon
Dungeon family Even in darkness Angus Batey
Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt ... Together at the Bluebird café Sylvie Simmons
Elastica The Radio 1 sessions Roy Wilkinson
Elysian fields Queen of the meadow Phil Sutcliffe
Mahmoud Fadl The drummers of the Nile David Hutcheon
Fanfare Ciocarlia Iag bari David Hutcheon
Fire show Above the volcano of flowers Andrew Carden
Four tops The Four tops Andrew Male
The Four tops' second album Andrew Male
Fruit bats Echolocation Sylvie Simmons
Rory Gallagher Let's go to work Colin Harper
Michael Gira & Dan Matz What we did Andrew Carden
Grateful dead The golden road (1965-1973) Jon Savage
Johnny Hammond Gambler's life Lois Wilson
Headman It rough Andrew Carden
Heavy blinkers Better weather Jenny Bulley
Jimi Hendrix The summer of love sessions Phil Sutcliffe
James William Hindle James William Hindle Sylvie Simmons
Honey cone Soulful sugar Lois Wilson
Inmates Meet the Beatles : live in Paris Chris Ingham
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Body and soul David Hutcheon
Kiss The box set James Mcnair
Kumba mela project East of the Ganges David Hutcheon
Femi Kuti Fight to win David Hutcheon
Eleni Mandell Thrill Jerry Thackray
Takagi Masakatsu Pia David Sheppard
MC5 Back in the USA Ben Edmonds
Merzbow Dharma Andrew Carden
Ennio Morricone A fistful of sounds (soundtrack) Bob Stanley
La donna invisibile (soundtrack) Bob Stanley
Main titles : volume one - 40 motion pictu... Bob Stanley
Metti una sera a cena (soundtrack) Bob Stanley
Mondo Morricone Bob Stanley
Once upon a time in America (soundtrack) Bob Stanley
Revolver (soundtrack) Bob Stanley
The good, the bad and the ugly (soundtrack... Bob Stanley
The very best of Bob Stanley
Una breva stagione (soundtrack) Bob Stanley
Black Nielson Still life hear me Stuart Williams
Phil Ochs All the news that's fit to sing John Harris
I ain't marchin' anymore John Harris
Johnny Otis Watts funky Lois Wilson
Ozomatli Embrace the chaos James Maycock
Augustus Pablo This is Augustus Pablo David Katz
Mike Plume band Fools for the radio Phil Sutcliffe
Prince The rainbow children James Mcnair
Tito Puente The complete RCA recordings : vol. 2 David Hutcheon
Chris Richards Jam the breeze Sylvie Simmons
Terry Riley In C/Bang on a can Andrew Carden
Jill Scott Experience Jill Scott Ben Thompson
Frank Sinatra A man and his music (dvd) Paul Trynka
Frank Sinatra + Ella + Jobim (dvd) Paul Trynka
Frank Sinatra with Count Basie & his orche... Paul Trynka
Ol' blue eyes is back (dvd) Paul Trynka
Sinatra featuring Don Costa (dvd) Paul Trynka
Sizzla Blaze up the Chalwa Lois Wilson
Stars on the lid The tired sounds of Stars on the lid Andrew Carden
Stone roses The Stone roses Shirley Manson
Angie Stone Mahogany soul Lois Wilson
Tompaulin The town and the city Andy Miller
Trembling blue stars Alive to every smile Andrew Male
Turtles Happy together (dvd) Richard Allen
Townes Van Zandt Live at McCabe's Sylvie Simmons
Von Bondies Lack of communication Jenny Bulley
Vote robot In meorm NA Andrew Carden
Doc Watson At Gerdes folk city Sylvie Simmons
Ronnie Wood Not for beginners Nikki Sudden
World of twist Quality street Roy Wilkinson
Xinlisupreme All you need is love was not true Andrew Carden


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